Summer Interns Share Their Experiences

With the end of the summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to say goodbye to our four summer interns. While we will be sad to see them leave, we’re incredibly proud of everything they accomplished this summer and are grateful for their hard work and support!

Today we sat down with Brett, Ben, Casey, and Amazeshia to discuss their summer at Maydm, what they gained from the experience, and their future plans and goals for themselves!

Why did you choose Maydm?

Casey: One goal I have for myself is to work at companies and organizations that have a tangible, positive impact in the community. Maydm provides students with opportunities they might never have been given otherwise. Their programs teach technology and coding skills, which are so important in the digital, social world that we live in. Being able to experience just how excited the students at their summer programs were really shows how incredible the Maydm impact can be.

Brett: I thought Maydm was a great company that put their students and the local community as their primary concern (and I was right!). I saw this opportunity as one that would let me do meaningful work while developing myself professionally.

What did you learn or gain from working here?  

Ben: I learned way more than I could have possibly imagined. I came in excited about Maydm and its mission and what it could teach me about coding and working with children, but there was so much more than that. Maydm helped me to discover more about nonprofits, entrepreneurship, communications, all STEM fields (especially computer science), diversity, equality, and commitment to justice. All of this new information will help me in my future ventures and I am eternally grateful for the countless opportunities Maydm has introduced to me.

Amazeshia: While working at Maydm I learned a great deal of things about running a non-profit. I enhanced my prioritizing skills and gained confidence to teach students. Most importantly, I learned that a non-profit can only be successful if each team member is doing their part. While working at Maydm, I gained a new appreciation for teamwork.

What’s the one thing you won’t forget about this experience?

Casey: The people! Having such dedicated and passionate coworkers inspired me to work hard and further develop my skills to contribute to the Maydm mission. Every day I came into the office, I was surrounded by people who genuinely wanted to make a difference in the world!

Amazeshia: The one thing I won’t forget about this experience was teaching at the Boys and Girls club. Initially, I started my internship with helping instructors to draft impact reports and lesson plans for the Boys and Girls Club classes. Teaching at the actual Boys and Girls put my entire experience at Maydm into perspective. While teaching at the Boys and Girls Club I was able to directly see the need for Maydm’s STEM courses and the impact of the programs. I was glad to see that all of the students gained a new appreciation for STEM after the class I taught.

If you could describe Maydm in three words, what would they be?  

Ben: I would describe Maydm as inspirational, relentless, and impactful. Maydm has inspired me to continue to fight for diversity and equality. Maydm also continually inspires students to dream big and never give up on themselves. Maydm is relentless in that they never give up. Maydm uses the current STEM landscape as motivation to work towards providing hope for students of all demographics. Finally, Maydm is impactful. Students who take their courses finish with not only a greater understanding of computer science, but also a newfound love for it.

Brett: Driven, inspired and optimistic

What are your future plans after this summer?

Casey: To graduate college! Fall will be my last semester, and then I will be seeking a full-time position in the world of marketing, writing and social media.

Ben: Continue my career in the restaurant and hospitality industry while using all that Maydm has taught me to work towards a more diverse and accepting future.

Brett: With one year left in my bachelor’s degree, I plan to finish most of my graduation requirements this fall then spend my last semester abroad in Brazil, where I can pursue other interests of mine. After I graduate, I look forward to beginning my professional career, wherever that may take me.

Amazeshia: After this summer, I am returning to UW in order to finish my prerequisites for dental school and submitting my dental school application. I plan to enroll in dental school next fall.

The Maydm Team is so grateful for the dedication, inspiration and hard work these four interns provided this summer. We wish you best of luck in the future, and can’t wait to see all you accomplish!

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