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Maydm’s Next Chapter

DearMaydm Community, Six years ago, I started Maydm because I knew it was necessary to develop an equitable approach to introduce girls and BIPoC students to the STEM fields. I envisioned a reality where they could have an environment to explore, cultivate and confidently pursue their interests in these fields.…

Maydm’s new internship program gives teens summer jobs in STEM fields

Elfin Intern
Written by Natalie Yahr Four days a week, Elfin Wiriyan walks into the Exact Sciences campus on Madison’s west side around 8 a.m., eager to start the work day. The youngest member of the company’s data science team, she likes having some time in her cubicle before the “stand-up” meeting…

Our 2021 Art Bike Unveiled!

Maydm Art Bike
Written by Exact Sciences If you’re in the Madison area, keep an eye on the bike lane!  Exact Sciences is proud to take part in Madison Bcycle’s first-ever “Art Bike” program. This special fleet of e-bikes raises awareness of community organizations doing diverse and important work throughout the Madison area. Each bike’s…

Delve Talks: Winnie Karanja, Maydm

Winnie Karanja
Delve Talks is a podcast that digs into the challenges around design, product development, leadership and innovation. Our third season continues to explore how leaders help create a culture that supports innovation, especially with the stressors and new opportunities that businesses face during the pandemic. Written by Stefanie Norvaisas, Vice President of…

The Power of A Gift to Maydm

Than Family
By Than Astin We are Thrilled to announce Than as our newest board member. Than worked as an art teacher after college, then went on to work with Apple for 18 years, before retiring in 2019.  At the end of a year like 2020 there are people looking to give…




Moneywise; Front-End Web Development with Park Bank

Old Programs

Student Portfolio Template


Meredith Paker

PhD Economic History, University of Oxford

BA CS, Oberlin College

Devon Wells

CRM Software Developer @ AE Power

Piper Lincoln

B.S. Eng Mechanics & Astronautics, UW-Madison

Piper Lincoln

Software Engineer @ GDMS

Anjali Gali

Lead Instructor

Anjali Gali

UW-Madison CS Fellow

Haley Massa

MS Machine Learning & Signal Processing, UW-Madison

Haley Massa

Women's Summit Fellow @ Correlation One

Haley Richards

Haley Richards

Information Technology Intern, Exact Sciences

Carley Reardon

MS Artificial Intelligence

This was my first time helping build and design a website and using WordPress, all skills that will help me plan what college classes I want to take. Maydm has given me an advantage when I apply for college because I have gotten actual working experience in applying skills in helping with the redesign of their website. I appreciate how Maydm has made me feel included in the community and part of a team.

Lily B. '20

Student & Web Development Intern

I found out that many people do not have internet during the coronavirus outbreak. This is an issue because it not only makes life harder for people in my community but it prevents feedback from being transmitted. Therefore, their voice is not heard and their problems are never resolved. Using my website, I can create an awareness about the lack of internet in…my communities [to help those] who do not have reliable access or cannot afford it, so that their voices can be included and heard.

Brandon A. '20

Intern @ ImageMoverMD