Frequently Asked Questions

What do students need to bring with them to the programs?

We will supply all technical hardware (laptops, mobile phones, etc.). For summer programs students will need to bring their own lunch, but we will have snacks!

What is STEM?

S.T.E.M. is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics which is used to express the immensely important educational goal of integrating all curriculum behind the skills that are thought to be the most vital to the success of students. A research-based STEM education program prepares students to become creative and innovative problem solvers, researchers, engineers, and designers.

Why is STEM important for students?

Every job within the 21st Century is likely to require some amount of skill in science, technology, engineering, and math. The integration of engineering and technology within the mathematics and science curriculum will make instruction more meaningful and engaging as well as provide students with the skills that are essential for success. This includes the ability to think critically, solve complex problems, and drive advancements in science and technology. STEM is not just about science and math; it’s about being ready for college, careers and life.

How can STEM be integrated into all content areas?

The four parts of STEM have been taught independently of one another for years. By adopting the STEM philosophy, the instruction of these four parts will no longer be taught in isolation but will instead each play an integral role in the curriculum as a whole. The science, engineering, and mathematics fields are made complete by the technology component, which provides a creative and innovative way to problem solve and apply what has been learned.

Can I get a reiteration of what Maydm is?

Maydm is a contraction of words ‘made by them.’

Maydm provides semester long programs, summer programs, and STEM workshops to teach students technical and digital skills, including programming languages. Our mission is to encourage young students, especially girls and students of color, to pursue a career in the technology field.

Why should my student attend a Maydm program?

Introducing students to STEM early on gives them a head start with skills needed to succeed in their future education and careers. Maydm’s programs use fun activities and lessons to teach students these vital skills. There are over half a million unfilled tech jobs that need to be filled by students like yours!

My child has never taken a computer science course before, can they still apply for a Maydm program?

Yes! They can still apply for a course with Maydm. It is not required that your student have taken a computer course prior to attending a Maydm program. Our mission is to introduce students to technology at any age. We will work with your student to assess their current skill level and choose activities that will prompt their individual growth.

How do I register for a Maydm program?

Navigate to the Programs page, view our currently offered programs, and select the desired STEM course. Click to the online registration site and complete the application. Please fill out all required fields so that we have the information necessary to provide your child with an engaging and fun learning experience.

What is the deadline to apply for Maydm’s programs?

Deadlines vary depending on the courses that are offered. Typically, we allow students to still register for a course up to 5 days before the course begins as long as there are still spots available.

What are the costs to attend a Maydm program?

Costs vary depending on the programs that are being offered. Visit the Registration page of a specific program for more details on pricing.

Are scholarships or discounts available?

Yes, discounts and scholarships are available. We offer scholarships to families who need assistance in affording a Maydm program determined by household size and income. Please email us to learn more (

Can a student register for more than one Maydm program?

Absolutely! A student is able to register for several Maydm programs, given that the scheduling does not conflict. You will need to register for each program individually through the registration site.

What types of activities will students participate in during a Maydm program?

Students will participate in a wide range of activities in Maydm programs, they will differ depending on the individual course.

Where are Maydm programs held?

We have programs offered all across Dane County, some of which include: 100state, Edgewood College, Zendesk, and many more!

Who instructs these classes?

Maydm has licensed educators and those who have backgrounds in computer science, engineering, and technology leading the courses. In addition, there will be volunteer mentors who assist the educators.

Are students required to bring a laptop to Maydm programs?

No, Maydm will provide all equipment necessary for the program.

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