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I’m currently 16, and am currently in my first year at STEM Academy. Maydm has allowed me to create a strong foundation in computer science. In fact, after taking Maydm’s Android App Development immersive summer program, I had the confidence to enroll in AP Computer Science Principles at my high school. This past summer I worked with ImageMoverMD as a software engineer. My post secondary education goals include going to Cornell University and acquiring a masters in computer science.


Software engineer with experience at ImageMoverMD, developing new features for their mobile app.


I’m very involved in my school’s engineering and robotics club where I worked with my teammates to build a functional robot.


The best engineering isn’t helpful if users can’t use it. I design before developing products.

Mobile Apps

I learned Java and have created a number of mobile apps individually, and with other designers and developers.

My Experience

I am a fast and motivated learner and have been able to learn Java and build several apps inside of five week’s time. My teammates and I have collaborated to build a variety of Android apps, including those of our own creation.

I am also an active participant in my school’s engineering club. We’ve developed algorithms to provide functionality to our robots and have successfully developed complex robots by refactoring our code.

I’m currently attending STEM Academy where I will earn my diploma and an associates in science simultaneously, within the next two years. Afterwards, I intend to apply to Cornell University after completing my high school education.



I am a self-motivated, hard-working, enthusiastic app and robotics developer with broad foundation in engineering principles. I have a proven portfolio of advanced projects demonstrating engineering capabilities. Known as a fast and reliable learner with high goals.

Critical Thinking90%

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