Game Development with Unity

Make New Worlds with Code and Creativity.

Have you ever dreamed of creating and building your own worlds? Do you want to create challenges and puzzles for friends to solve, or create new environments to explore? Learn how to build your own computer games using Unity.

Along the way, you’ll learn how you can code your creativity, while building real employable skills to use at game companies in Dane County and across the nation.

Learn about what it’s like to be a game developer and work side by side with mentors in the STEM fields.

Program Description

Learn fundamental techniques to create games using the Unity Game Engine. Be the end of the program you’ll have the tools you need to build your own games and learn more advanced concepts to create worlds that friends, family, and complete strangers around the world may want to play. Enjoy virtual tours of local tech companies and experience first hand what it’s like to be a developer.


  • Location: Edgewood College & Door of Hope, North Point
  • Dates: Summer 2021
  • Times: 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
  • Category: Game Development


  • This program is in person in two locations! We will host students at Edgewood College and Door of Hope, North Point
  • Learn how to build your own video games and collaborative websites with other young tech innovators
  • Understand foundational Unity Game Engine concepts
  • Meet game developers and learn from other tech professionals
  • Start building your portfolio for future employers and friends
  • Looks great on your 8th grade resume

Sponsored in part by US Bank

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