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I am attending Madison Area Technical College in the Liberal Arts Transfer-Science, Math, and Technology program. The different projects I have been involved with through Maydm sparked my interest in the STEM field and allowed me to use my existing knowledge of graphic design and pair it with new skills in HTML and CSS.

The great connections Maydm has with community partners and organizations allowed me to gain hands-on working experience. With the skills I acquired, I was able to excel in AP Computer Science and enroll in an early IT program at MATC before I graduated.



Through Maydm’s community partnerships, I worked as a Marketing Intern this past summer with Phoenix LLC assisting with graphic design for marketing materials, post‐merger integration activities, updating CRM spreadsheets and supporting social media content.

Other projects I helped collaborate and work on include coding and designing website content and creating a financial literacy website for teens with Park Bank. I earned my IT Service Center Technician certificate with MATC last summer and plan on taking the Comp TIA exam next Spring. I’m also a member of the STEM club on campus.

My academic goal is to transfer to UW-Madison upon completion of my two-year transfer program at Madison College. I am interested in furthering my skills through work in the computer science field as well as graphic design.

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Reach out by calling or emailing us to discuss how we can work together to empower girls and youth of color to succeed in STEM.

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