Moneywise; Front-End Web Development with Park Bank

Mix fintech (finance technologies) with business analysis and front-end development to become Moneywise.

Moneywise is created in conjunction with leaders at Park Bank. Gain relevant experience in smart money management, bank security, and business analysis to turn raw data into smart decisions all while learning front-end web development to create a website that offers smart financial advice to teenagers, just like you.

This is an excellent program for students that would like to learn more about finance, banking, security, and development. This is an awesome opportunity to make a lasting impact and to exercise your voice to help your peers create smart financial decisions with content that is of your own creation.

Project Description

During this 2-week program, learn what it is to be a business analyst, financial security expert, and front-end developer while learning financial intelligence that will benefit you for a life time.

Sponsored by Park Bank


  • Location: UW Partnerships
  • Dates: Summer 2021
  • Times: 9:00 am – 1:30 pm
  • Category: Analysis, Security, Development


  • Hear from engineers and software developers in Dane County
  • Opportunity to earn MMSD high school credit
  • End the program with a skill to make your resume stand out in college & job applications
  • Learn from upperclassmen in high ranked engineering programs

Sponsored by Park Bank

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