Make With Maydm Virtual Programs

Promoting Student Growth via Make with Maydm Virtual STEM Hours

Learn Virtually.
Learn with Maydm.
Learn for the fun of it!

Join Calley, JP, and Winnie as you learn technology and math skills, and explore STEM pioneers with online reading sessions.

Every week will have a unique topic that we’ll explore with engaging and interactive workshops that incorporate technology, math and reading.

Sessions are held online and open for anyone to join.

Program Description

Classes are held three times weekly. Technology Tuesdays, Math Wednesdays and Reading Thursdays. Join us online at zoom link


  • New activities every week
  • Fun coding and math games
  • Delivered to your inbox every Friday
  • Answers to last weeks questions every Monday


  • Learn fun and interactive coding skills
  • Power up your math abilities
  • Learn about diverse STEM heroins and heroes
Make With Maydm Week 2
STEM Power is Girl Power