Virtual Programs to Meet Students Where They Are

Why Students and Families Choose Maydm

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In Maydm’s programs, students not only learn the skills to become the next great STEM innovator, but they also get to experience the world of technology in a big way.

In summer programs, students learn leading programming languages and engineering technologies in the morning and get out of the classroom to explore in the afternoon. Students are paired with a tech professional who will serve as a mentor for the full year. Students also go on field trips to local tech companies- to see what they do and talk with people who work in the field every day. They get to meet, create, and adventure alongside other amazing young innovators through it all.

Maydm also has weekly math and coding activities that we release every week through our virtual #MakeWithMaydm. If you want to be the first to try them, sign up for our programs newsletter!

High School Programs (Rising 9th – 12th grades)

Middle School Programs (Rising 6th – 8th grades)

STEM Power is Girl Power: STEM Sampler

WHO RUNS THE WORLD? GIRLS! Calling all middle school girls. There’s so much to explore in the world of computers and technology. Let your creativity flow, explore and discover even more about science, technology, engineering and math!

Wonderful World of Web Development

Have you ever dreamed of creating and building your own website or wondered how the internet works? Discover how websites are hosted, built, and maintained. Create your own sites and build cool web pages with new friends in your cohort.

Why Maydm is a Great Choice for Students and Their Families

Gain Real Experiences

Mentorship & Field Trips

Make With Maydm

Meet Our Past Instructors

Meredith Paker

Haley Massa

Devon Wells

Piper Lincoln

Virtual Programs (Open to all ages)

Have fun learning about STEM with Maydm’s weekly offline and online virtual activities. Every week we’ll cover new subjects in reading, math, and coding with interactive lessons that will get you making!

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